5 Steps Before Making an Air Compressor Purchase Decision



Purchasing an air compressor is a massive capital investment. In this webinar, Loran Circle, Senior Consultant at Circle Training & Consulting, discusses the questions you need to answer before making a capital equipment decision. He also examines how to analyze an air system, determine demand, and calculate energy costs. Loran further discusses the key aspects for designing an energy-efficient, reliable compressed air system.

Kaishan’s director of sales, Dave George, follows up Loran’s presentation with a discussion on how to conduct a proper energy efficiency analysis for your air compressor options. Dave examines a number of factors that influence energy efficiency, such as specific power and isentropic efficiency.

Webinar Highlights

The webinar discussed a number of topics. Here are the five steps you should follow before making an air compressor purchase decision:

  1. System analysis (walkthrough)
  2. Demand profile analysis, site conditions, and application (system audit)
  3. Selection research (annual costs, energy efficiency, and support)
  4. Decision (based on lifecycle cost)
  5. Implementation (installation, system modifications, and controls)

You can watch the entire webinar for more detailed information below:

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