Air Compressor Basics and Future Trends for Manufacturers in the Automotive Supply Chain



The automotive industry relies on an incredibly complex supply chain with multiple suppliers. Most, if not all, of these suppliers depend on air compressors to manufacture their individual components. Understanding how manufacturers in the automotive supply chain utilize compressed air will assist those industries in designing and improving their compressed air system.

Kaishan is dedicated to helping our automotive clients mitigate production risks that will affect the automotive supply chain. Our team understands the current and future air compressor trends in the automotive industry. We have shared our thoughts in this webinar.

Webinar Highlights
  • What types of compressors are commonly used in these industries
  • What components go into a world-class compressed air system
  • The advantages and disadvantages of oil-free vs. oil-flooded compressors


You can watch the entire webinar for more detailed information below:

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