Air Compressors for Sale in Florida

Professionals in the manufacturing, agriculture and aerospace industries in Florida need air compressors to power their operations. Air compressors create the energy and pressure required to keep various businesses running smoothly. Kaishan Compressor’s rotary screw air compressors come in a variety of product lines suited for multiple applications. Learn more about the reliable air compressors offered by Kaishan in Florida.

High-Quality Machinery From Kaishan

Kaishan Compressor has over 60 years of experience serving industries across the world. All Kaishan rotary screw air compressors include the following features:

  • Automatic output level control determined by air consumption
  • Advanced noise suppression and vibration isolation technology
  • A digital control panel that interfaces with up to 16 compressors
  • Performance focused on energy efficiency for lower operation costs

KRSB Series

Industries in need of an economical option for everyday performance choose a KRSB air compressor. Smaller manufacturing facilities and agribusinesses use these belt-drive compressors to handle their basic operations. An HP of 10 to 50 and ACFM from 35 to 214 manages low-power applications. The KRSB series’ belt drive systems lower noise levels and increase bearing life. These compressors have superior quality and a lower price point than similar options from competitors.

KRST Tank-Mounted Compressors

The KRST line features the smallest sizes out of Kaishan’s rotary screw air compressor lines. By mounting the air system directly on the tank, we created a space-saving option for smaller areas. The lighter design allows for an easy and cost-effective installation. Tank-mounted compressors from the KRST line suit operations involving lower power levels and high pressure. Smaller companies such as agribusinesses can save money by buying a KRST compressor for lighter applications requiring up to 20 HP.

KRSD Direct Drive Models

Unlike the KRSB and KRST series, the KRSD line of products uses a single-stage, direct-drive system. Direct-drive models can power multiple heavy machines for manufacturing and development facilities. They have lower temperatures and higher levels of energy efficiency than belt-drive models. KRSD products feature capacities ranging between 30 and 200 HP and 123 and 800 CFM. The closed protection surrounding the TEFC motor keeps out the elements for agribusiness operations.

KRSP Premium Direct Drive Machines

Our line of KRSP premium direct-drive compressors has the widest range of horsepower levels for several applications. HP capacity starts at 20 HP and comes in models that can handle up to 500 HP. Every machine in the KRSP line has a direct-drive design that improves energy efficiency and stays cool. A KRSP product has triple bearings that can absorb high axial and radial loads.

KRSP2 Premium Direct Drive Two-Stage Line

The KRSP2 series expands on the KRSP machines’ capacity using a two-stage construction. Large-scale manufacturing industries that require multiple heavy machines rely on KRSP2 air compressors to handle the highest power capacities. The most advanced models in the series can manage up to 500 HP and almost 2750 CFM. These high-performance air compressors have a low cost of ownership throughout their life cycles.

Durable Air Compressors for Florida Industries

Industries in Florida and across the world count on Kaishan to provide cost-saving and reliable equipment. Contact our team today to learn more about our product lines.

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