Georgia Air Compressors for Sale

Air compressors power Georgia’s robust manufacturing, agribusiness and automotive industries. They run machinery, provide steady energy and save the user money. Industries rely on Kaishan Compressor for cost-efficient and dependable equipment that can run their businesses. Find one of the following models of our air compressors for sale in Georgia.

The Kaishan Compressor Advantage

All Kaishan rotary screw air compressors feature benefits such as:

  • A digital control panel that sequences up to 16 compressors
  • Superior vibration isolation and noise reduction technology
  • Energy-saving performance for a low cost of operation
  • Automatic output control based on air consumption

KRSB Belt Drive

The KRSB series of belt drive compressors can output between 10 and 50 HP at an economical price. An advanced belt drive system increases bearing life and decreases noise levels. ACFM rates ranging from 35 to 214 cover light and heavy applications at an affordable cost. Agriculture, automotive and manufacturing businesses looking for a low cost of operation and the capacity to power basic machinery will benefit most from the KRSB series.

KRST Tank Mount Belt Drive

Our series of KRST models has the lowest weights and smallest sizes out of all Kaishan rotary screw compressors. The tank-mounted design saves space and installation cost for small businesses on a budget. KRST air compressors provide a higher PSI than the KRSB series. These models excel in high-pressure and low-power applications at a minimal cost of operation. Agriculture and automotive businesses looking to power smaller equipment save money when they opt for a KRST model.

KRSD Single Stage Direct Drive

A direct-drive design allows the KRSD air compressor series to operate at high levels of energy efficiency and lower temperatures. Direct drive air compressors have the horsepower and CFM to power multiple heavy machines. With a maximum CFM of 800 and up to 200 HP, a KRSD machine withstands heavier manufacturing applications. The TEFC motor has protection from the outside environment, making it also suitable for outdoor agricultural equipment.

KRSP Premium Direct Drive

The KRSP series features the widest range of horsepower options for multiple applications. Beginning at 20 HP and ending with a maximum of 500 HP, KRSP air compressors feature CFM capacities up to 2453. Both lower capacity and higher capacity models in the series feature a direct-drive construction that keeps the machine cool and increases energy efficiency. The triple bearings in the KRSP air compressors absorb high radial and axial loads.

KRSP2 Two-Stage

Kaishan Compressor’s two-stage air compressors in the KRSP2 line create double-pressurized air with the capacity to power multiple heavy machines. Large-scale manufacturing and automotive facilities use two-stage compressors to handle their intensive applications. The KRSP2 series reaches a maximum of 500 HP and nearly 2750 CFM, offering the highest performance levels out of all our rotary air compressors.

The Most Reliable Air Compressors in Georgia

Kaishan Compressor supports industries in over 60 countries worldwide. Companies in Georgia and beyond rely on Kaishan for equipment that lasts. Contact the Kaishan customer service team today to learn where you can buy the highest-quality air compressors in Georgia.

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