Without reliable air compressors, industrial facilities come to a standstill — unable to operate consistently, in a constant state of maintenance and repair, and renegotiating contracts and deadlines. The highest-quality compressors are a necessity to deliver the level of reliability and service that you promise.

Boston compressor company Air Energy Group, LLC, partnered with Kaishan USA, is your supplier of choice when quality is non-negotiable, offering top-of-the-line compressor products and exemplary services — from air compressor system design to repairs — to go with them.

Introducing Air Energy Group, LLC

The partnership between Air Energy Group, LLC and leading industrial air compressor manufacturers Kaishan USA strives to ensure that those who rely on or are considering purchasing Kaishan products receive only the highest level of service and accommodation. Air Energy Group, LLC is an air compressor company that not only provides industry-leading compressors, but also services including:

  • Energy efficiency audits
  • 24/7 support
  • Full system rebuilds
  • System and equipment installations
  • Preventive maintenance plan audits and development
  • Highly skilled and trained technicians

In addition, we offer a full inventory of compressed air and vacuum system parts from your compressor manufacturer, with the expertise and experience to help you select exactly what you need, and the prompt support and reliability to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Beyond compressor equipment and parts, Air Energy Group, LLC offers unparalleled knowledge for maximizing your facility and compressor system efficiency and performance, including:

  • Providing some of the most innovative and energy-effective industrial air compressors and vacuum systems on the market
  • Cutting-edge machinery and industrial air compressor repair services
  • Compressor projects of any size
  • An unrivaled level of product offering, expertise and support

With this wealth of knowledge under one roof, you gain the benefit of “one stop” service for your compressor needs, confident in the same high level of quality throughout every aspect of product and support. Our full-service offering is designed to save you time, money and effort while maximizing your ROI.

As a gold standard of air compressor manufacturers, we at Kaishan understand the critical role of compressed air in manufacturing plants and other businesses. This is why we have partnered with Air Energy Group, LLC so that our customers in the Boston area and throughout Massachusetts receive compressed air system services that meet our high standards.

To discuss the services and equipment you need, contact Air Energy Group, LLC or Kaishan today.

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