Searching for a high-quality industrial air compressor? Denver has the place to go. Colorado Industrial Compressors has partnered with Kaishan USA to provide you with reliable industrial screw air compressors.

Powering tools and equipment, compressed air is a vital resource for manufacturers and many other industries. Kaishan and Colorado Industrial Compressors understand the importance of maintaining a reliable, low-cost supply. This partnership helps customers around Denver get the support they need.

Compressed Air Equipment and Service in and Around Denver

Colorado Industrial Compressors offers an extensive range of compressed air services to manufacturing and industrial customers. Whether you need compressed air installed in a new facility, upgrades to an existing system, or service and repair work, it’s the company to call upon in Denver.

Its partnership with Kaishan — one of the world’s leading industrial air compressor manufacturers — enablers Colorado Industrial Compressors to offer customers a broad range of high-quality rotary screw compressors.

Additional services offered by Colorado Industrial Compressors include:

  • Compressor repair
  • Short-term rentals
  • Exchange programs
  • Replacement parts
  • Servicing and preventive maintenance

Colorado Industrial Compressors works on all aspects of industrial compressed air systems — from filters and driers to pipe and electrical work. Don’t waste time chasing separate businesses and contractors. One call to Colorado Industrial Compressors is all it takes to get the service, support and hardware you need.

Ask Your Air Compressor Supplier for Kaishan

Although Kaishan is a global company, our air compressors are engineered right here in the United States with machining and assembly carried out in our 65,000-square-foot factory in southern Alabama. This vertical integration gives us control over quality and price that other air compressor manufacturers can only envy. It’s also the key to our excellent compressor reliability, which lets us offer industry-leading warranties.

When choosing a compressor for your factory or business, your priority should be to find one with the lowest lifetime costs. Efficiency and reliability are the two biggest factors, and that’s where Kaishan excels. If in doubt, ask Colorado Industrial Compressors which compressor manufacturer it recommends.

Serving Compressed Air Users in Denver

Compressed air is vital in many factories and industrial operations, so much so that some call it “the fourth utility.” This means, if there’s a problem, you want a fast response from a reliable air compressor company.

In Denver, Colorado Industrial Compressors provides that service. Now that it is partnered with Kaishan, Colorado Industrial Compressors also has access to some of the best, most efficient industrial air compressors available.

Colorado Industrial Compressors is located here:

3975 E 56th Ave Unit A6
Commerce City, CO 80022
Phone: (720) 725-5760

If you’d like to reach out to Kaishan directly, just contact us.

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