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Belt Driven Air Compressors


Belt Driven Air Compressors

Reliable compressed air is a necessity in a variety of operational environments. Kaishan USA is a leading manufacturer of belt-driven air compressors. We pride ourselves on providing efficient, innovative, reliable compressors to customers across a wide range of industries, including automotive repair, manufacturing facilities, and more.

A belt-driven compressor is one of the main types of compressors in which a belt transfers energy from the motor to the compressor pump. This type of compressor offers several differences in contrast to its direct drive compressor. In a direct drive compressor, the motor is connected directly to the compressor pump. The belt drive construction offers increased flexibility in pressure, and our 5 – 50 horsepower compressors are designed to efficiently and reliably deliver compressed air for numerous industries and uses.

Kaishan offers its KRSB belt drive air compressor in three configurations:

  • 5-50 hp Base Mount
  • 5-30 hp Tank Mount
  • 5-30 hp Tank Mount w/ Dryer and pre-filter
Kaishan Belt-Driven Compressor Benefits

The benefits of a belt-driven air compressor pump in these applications include:

  • Reliability: Kaishan belt-driven compressors deliver a highly reliable flow of compressed air. Reliability is key in air compressor applications. For example, compressor failure would result in repair job delays, which lead to lost time, money, and customers.
  • Low Operating Cost: Kaishan has researched, developed, and engineered our belt-driven compressors to operate with minimal loss of power from the motor to the pump. This minimal loss of power results in low operating costs.
  • Easy Maintenance: Manufactured with high-quality components, maintenance is required less frequently than it otherwise would be. In cases where replacement parts are required, the compressor drive belt and other components can be easily serviced, allowing both the machine and the customer operation to get back up and running quickly.
  • Flexibility: These units make it easy for users to change pressure and speed. Such flexibility is ideal for applications where quick pressure adjustments are needed. These applications include auto repair and woodworking shops, for example.


Belt-driven compressors are ideally suited for:

  • Automotive repair shops and facilities
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Heavy-duty industrial applications
Air Compressor Features that Drive Industry Leading Performance

Kaishan Compressor USA offers several standard features in our belt drive compressors that our competitors don’t, including:

  • Aftercooler: Standard for every compressor, the aftercooler reduces the amount of water that must be removed by an air dryer, adding another layer of protection for downstream moisture-sensitive tools and equipment.
  • Independent Fan Motor: Most compressors operate the compressor and the fan from the same shaft, meaning that both components must always be in operation at the same time. With an independent fan motor, Kaishan compressors allow you to start and stop the fan based on ambient conditions, delivering better energy efficiency.
  • Enclosure: With every Kaishan compressor, a noise-dampening enclosure is provided for quiet operation without additional costs.
  • Automatic Belt Tensioner: Our belt tensioners maintain constant tension on belts without needing to manually set and make adjustments as the belt stretches over time.
  • Advanced Controls: Instead of a simple pressure switch, our standard controls include a phase monitor, amp monitor, and a 16-machine network capacity so that multiple machines can work efficiently together. We also feature built-in maintenance timers and shutdown sensors to protect equipment.

Overall, Kaishan’s standard features improve safety, efficiency, and performance across the board.

At Kaishan Compressor USA, we focus on helping you select the right belt drive air compressor while understanding that cost is critical for operations of all sizes. We engineer our compressors to operate efficiently and offer a range of options at different capital investment levels. Across our product line, costs remain controlled thanks to our fully integrated manufacturing operation with efficient production and stringent, integrated quality control that passes on quality and cost savings to you and your customers. Reach out today to learn more about belt-driven air compressors and see how the Kaishan team can help you better meet your goals contact us today.