Biogas Production

The biogas industry relies on compressed air to reduce methane emissions. Compressed air is used throughout the biogas production process, from treatment to distribution. Producing quality biomethane with the necessary content purity is no easy task. Biogas producers need a reliable, safe, and clean source of compressed air. Applications involving biogas require air compressors that can handle the rigorous demands of energy production.

Manufactured with decades of air compressor experience

Manufactured with decades of air compressor experience

Kaishan USA air compressors supply biogas producers with world-class compressors your operation can rely on. With more than 60 years of experience, our air compressors are designed to offer safe, dependable service with minimum operational expense. Reliable 24-hour operation ensures that biogas companies can clean and treat biomass to produce clean, renewable energy.

Reliable compressor performance 24/7

Biogas producers rely on Kaishan USA to meet gas purity content goals and eliminate the risk of gas leakage. Whether you run a landfill, dairy, or wastewater facility, Kaishan is proud to help biogas producers deliver renewable energy by supplying customers with:

The biogas industry can utilize Kaishan USA air compressors to deliver efficient, cost-effective compressed air.

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