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Direct Drive Air Compressor

A variety of applications require durable, efficient, and reliable compressed air. A direct driven air compressor is the right choice for applications where reliable, efficient power is non-negotiable. Direct drive compressors are typically chosen for heavy-duty industrial applications, though they are also used in more common environments, like repair shops. This air compressor type can operate at extremely hot or cold temperatures and in other harsh conditions as well. Direct drive air compressors are part of Kaishan’s extensive line of air compressor products.

Direct driven air compressors are a type of rotary screw air compressor. In a direct drive air compressor, the motor is connected directly to the compressor, transferring power right from the motor to the pump. A direct driven compressor operates more efficiently, with no power lost in the transition from the motor to the belt to the pump. In terms of durability, a direct drive compressor has fewer moving parts and thus is less subject to failure, all while incurring reduced wear and tear.

Kaishan USA offers three different direct drive compressor models:

  • KRSD – single stage (15-200hp)
  • KRSP – single stage (40-500hp)
  • KRSP2 – 2 Stage (30-600hp)
Kaishan Direct Drive Compressor Benefits

We offer a wide range of rotary screw air compressors in direct drive. Our products include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Our products are designed with the highest-quality components and decades of expertise to assure that air is always delivered as efficiently as possible. Power consumption is a significant cost throughout the life of a compressor. Direct drive compressors reduce energy consumption, keeping operating costs down.
  • Exceptional Reliability: Our investment in engineering and manufacturing ensures that you have access to a reliable supply of compressed air. Kaishan direct drive air compressors provide users with efficient and consistent performance.
Air Compressor Design that is Unrivaled

Our direct drive air compressors have a number of features to ensure reliable operation:

  • Intuitive Electronic Controls: Kaishan direct drive compressors require little to no training. Users can easily operate all parameters of the compressor. Alerts and warnings clearly signal any abnormal performance.
  • Remote Status Monitoring: Operators do not have to be directly next to a machine to monitor its performance. Our products allow users to monitor proper operation and collect data to predict maintenance and any other issues—no matter where you are.
  • Quiet, Convenient Operation: Direct drive compressors are typically considered to be very noisy equipment. Thanks to built-in shields, guards, and enclosures, Kaishan compressors mitigate this issue to keep the shop floor—or any other operating environment—quiet.
  • Safety First: Multiple failsafe components, such as air safety relief valves, reduce the probability of both human and non-human accidents.


Our goal is to offer products that deliver exceptional reliability and energy efficiency. We’re committed to building machinery that is environmentally sustainable to serve the needs of our industrial customers today and long into the future. In doing so, we’re helping to reduce the consumption of our precious energy reserves while preventing harmful pollution.

Kaishan Direct Drive Air Compressor Applications

Industries where direct drive compressors are typically used include:

  • Automotive Repair and Manufacturing: Providing a strong, steady flow of air is required for many aspects of the automotive industry—beyond just inflating tires. Potential uses include pneumatic tools, lifts, and more.
  • Energy: Oil drilling and gas extraction are two applications where a reliable compressed air supply is critical. In oil drilling, where rigs are often hundreds of miles in the middle of the ocean, consistent airflow is necessary to keep drills and other equipment running.
  • HVAC: Without airflow, climate control equipment and installations will not work as intended. Direct drive air compressors provide compressed air for reliable operation around the clock.
  • Pharmaceutical: From cleanrooms to packaging, compressed air is widely used in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing. Compressed air ensures that equipment, people, and products remain safe and contaminant-free.

Kaishan USA is committed to helping you reach your business goals. Operators can rely on our high-quality, reliable air compressors. Reach out today to learn more about direct drive air compressors and see how the Kaishan team can help you better meet your goals contact us today.