Almost every industry has been affected by the global supply chain issues. From delays at ports to a lack of available containers to the ongoing shortage of truck drivers, no aspect of logistics has been spared. This has had serious ramifications on the air compressor industry because most manufacturers utilize a global supply chain.

Waiting 4 or 5 months for an air compressor is ridiculous. On the other hand, Kaishan’s average lead time is 10 to 12 business days for 200hp and under. We have more than 350 units in stock and ready to ship within days. We understand that downtime is not an option for your business. If you have an emergency, we will do whatever it takes to get you a unit out the door. Our team is dedicated, working extra hours and weekends – doing what it takes when there is a customer that is down. We also work with several logistics companies to expedite freight.

Kaishan USA lives by our commitment. If we promise a shipment, we make it happen.

We have been able to weather the global supply chain issues better than our competition because we manufacture 85% of components ourselves. For example, we don’t have someone else make our coolers, where we might not be their No. 1 priority. We make them ourselves, controlling the quality and ensuring the least amount of lead time.

We challenge you: If you have a compressor order with another manufacturer, get a quote from Kaishan. We will exceed your expectations for lead time, guaranteed. We know we are new to the market – but we also are the fastest growing compressor brand in the USA. We know you will love our equipment so much, we will give you a 90-day trial – no strings attached. If for any reason it doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations, you can return it.

Not only do we have the equipment you need ready to ship, but we also have a network of the best distributors in North and South America. These distributors have factory trained technicians on staff and most common parts on the shelf to be able to respond if and when there is an issue.

Contact us today – we love a challenge!

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