IIoT Solutions for Multiple and Multi-Brand Air Compressors Remote Monitoring



Because industrial air compressors change over time, it is very common to utilize different compressor brands in the same system. But all compressors in a single system each need to be automated and controlled optimally, otherwise the reliability and efficiency of the entire system can become compromised. Thus, monitoring all of your air compressors together—regardless of brand—can provide essential information for set point adjustment and tuning of the system overall.

Kaishan’s director of sales, Dave George, syncs up with Tim Dugan, Professional Engineer at Compression Engineering Corporation, to review the Industrial Internet of Things and its relevance for monitoring air compressor performance.

Webinar Highlights

This webinar covered several important topics including:

  1. How to take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things to monitor different brands of air compressors in the same air system for set point adjustment and tuning
  2. The benefits of remote monitoring for controls optimization
  3. How to achieve optimal performance by utilizing this process


You can watch the entire webinar for more detailed information below:

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