Agriculture is a staple of American industry, with a long and storied history of providing for the country while remaining a reliable stronghold of employment. In a big picture sense, the agriculture industry today is the same as it has ever been, drawing upon resources to plant and reap crops, maintain livestock, and keep the farm operational. Today’s industry, however, draws on a vast range of equipment and processes to accomplish these goals. Much of this equipment is powered by compressed air.

Compressed air in the agriculture industry is a critical need to keep processes operating consistently under harsh, demanding conditions — and at the heavy-duty capacities frequently required in farm applications. Without a high-quality, consistent source of compressed air, quality can suffer, downtime can occur, safety can become an issue, and processes may become far less efficient.

Agriculture Air Compressor Applications and Uses

Air compressors are one of the most common and useful pieces of machinery across all of industry, providing a constant flow of pressurized air to power equipment and processes.

There are many types of air compressors, but they all operate on the principle of drawing in ambient air, utilizing a mechanical means of compressing it (such as a series of rotors), then forcing this air out at high pressure to provide power. Compressed air is such a common and important source of power that it is often referred to as the “fourth utility,” alongside water, electricity and natural gas.

It should, thus, come as no surprise that compressed air is of paramount importance for the agriculture industry, with agriculture compressor applications powering the processes that keep the farm and facility operating reliably and at peak efficiency.

Farm air compressor uses and applications include:

  • Equipment repairs: Impact tools and other equipment are driven by compressed air, and are critical for the repair and maintenance of agriculture equipment.
  • Tire filling: Farm vehicles are critical pieces of equipment for handling and transport. Compressed air is necessary to keep tires inflated to optimal pressure, better ensuring continued operation and peak performance.
  • Facility cleaning: Compressed air powers much of the cleaning equipment found in agriculture facilities, which is necessary to meet food handling standards as well as general cleanliness requirements.
  • Hand tools: From sprayers to pneumatic staplers to nail guns — and beyond — many common tools that keep the facility humming are powered by compressed air.
  • Complex, advanced applications: The examples above are some of the most common legacy uses of farm compressor equipment — which remain hugely important. As agriculture facilities have incorporated more and more advanced technology and equipment, compressors drive uses such as:
  • Milking machines
  • Crop protection
  • Product conveyance, including up and down silos
  • Water pumps
  • Aeration for dropout ponds
  • Line winterizing, including irrigation lines
  • Packaging processes
  • Storage processes
  • Wastewater treatment

As farm equipment has advanced over time, integrating equipment such as GPS, automation, sensors and robotics, compressed air has grown in importance as well.

Today’s farm industry includes equipment such as:

  • Automatic feeders
  • GPS-powered harvesters and sprayers
  • Automated picking machines
  • Produce sorting equipment

Without a reliable source of compressed air, this equipment will operate less efficiently, and will become more subject to repairs, troubleshooting, maintenance and breakdown. Each of these scenarios must be addressed by personnel, and result in downtime, sunk costs, production delays, missed deadlines and a negative impact on the bottom line.

The Kaishan line of air compressors includes the KRSB model — our general-duty belt drive compressor that is ideally suited for agriculture applications. The KRSB is cost-effective, easy to maintain and reliable.

Benefits of choosing the right air compressor and supplier include:

  • Minimal maintenance and maximum uptime: In the agriculture industry, every second that equipment is nonoperational means that it is not returning on investment — and that costs are building up elsewhere. A reliable, high-quality air compressor is one of the best investments you can make in maximizing your equipment uptime, assuring that production processes continue as expected, and that your costs and budget remain under control.
  • Reliable operation: Unreliable air compressor equipment can have major negative repercussions, creating a cycle of downtime, repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting and poor-quality operation — all of which create inefficiency and wasted resources while causing the bottom line to suffer.
  • Premium power in a cost-effective package: The KRSB is designed to meet the broadest possible range of air compressor requirements in the most efficient way possible, neither over- nor under-engineered to meet the most common agriculture — and other industrial — requirements. This belt-driven compressor provides the power you need without creating an undue draw on your electrical supply, so that equipment operates consistently and reliably while your costs remain under control.
  • Equipment suited for your application: The KRSB is cost-effective, yet ideally suited for the constant operation and heavy-duty demands of applications in the agriculture industry. At Kaishan, we’ve engineered every step of our design and production processes to be as efficient as possible, passing those cost savings to you.

The KRSB compressor includes features and specs ideally suited for the agriculture industry, including:

  • An advanced belt-drive system designed for peak efficiency and minimal power loss
  • Laminar flow input valve, an innovative design that maximizes output and efficiency by minimizing pressure drop
  • Asymmetric 5/6 rotor profile for tight clearances
  • High-efficiency intake filters for optimal dust capture while maintaining airflow
  • 316 stainless steel control tubing — premium, long-lasting materials at a reasonable cost
  • Sophisticated yet intuitive controls
  • Built-in alarms
  • Standard sound-deadening enclosures

With decades of experience and the attention to detail that make the difference in a successful capital equipment investment, Kaishan and the KRSB are ready to prove that we have the right air compressor for your agriculture applications.

We deliver a low upfront equipment investment, efficient design for reduced overall operating costs, a commitment to low-maintenance engineering, and the safety features that you and your personnel require.

To learn more about how to maximize your productivity and efficiency with Kaishan, contact us today.



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