KRSV Industrial Vacuum


KRSV Premium Industrial Vacuum Pumps


As a leading worldwide manufacturer of industrial air compressors, Kaishan has introduced a new series of industrial air compressors, Kaishan has introduced a new series of industrial vacuum pumps, the KRSV.

The new Kaishan KRSV oil-flooded rotary screw vacuum pumps are fully packaged, out-of-the-box ready to be plugged into any system or operate independently. Featuring a combination of a variable speed drive and a variable discharge port airend, the vacuum pumps are universally applicable and an industry leader in energy efficiency.

Whereas most vacuum manufacturers utilize a fixed port, which means these systems operate at a static volume ration, a variable discharge port enables Kaishan KRSV vacuum pumps to ensure the proper volume ratio at all ranges and demands, delivering stable optimal control for the most energy savings. From woodworking, printing, glass production, and ceramics to medical and laboratory applications, the KRSV can improve various industrial processes while reducing maintenance and electrical costs.

Rotary Screw Positive Displacement Vacuum Pump Technology

Positive displacement pumps create a vacuum by drawing the air or gas from a chamber through the intermeshing rotary screws and discharging back to the atmosphere. This continuous process flow moves gas at a constant speed, making it a stable and reliable choice for many industrial applications. Vacuum pumps are highly reliable and efficient, produce low noise, and some types can be used in harsh environments.

In a direct-drive vacuum, the motor couples directly to the vacuum driveshaft to power the vacuum airend. Units range in size from 10 to 125 horsepower, delivering capacities up to 3,505 CFM. All vacuums feature a single-stage, rotary screw design and include our patented, low speed SKYv airend with variable discharge port and variable speed drive.

KRSV Industrial Vacuum Benefits
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All direct drive models feature low-speed operation with a 1:1 drive ratio that eliminates transmission energy loss, as well as a patented SKYv airend and laminar inlet valve to deliver maximum power with minimal waste. Together, these features make our vacuums some of the most efficient on the market.
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KRSV Industrial Vacuums feature premium components, such as 316 stainless steel tubing and quadruple discharge bearings, with a longer service life than competitors' duplex bearing designs. As a result, our products deliver reliable performance, shift after shift, with higher reliability and lower maintenance costs.
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By combining power and reliability, our compressors help your operation stay up and running. Heavy-duty components and low speed rotating elements minimize wear and tear over time; a variety of cooling features, such as oversized air-cooled coolers, also maintain an ideal operating temperature to reduce the risk of overheating. Best of all, when routine maintenance is required, accessible components help keep downtime to a minimum.
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Our direct drive energy-efficient compressor with patented SKY airend draws less power to meet your capacity requirements. Over the life of the compressor, even a small amount of increased energy efficiency adds up to significant cost savings. An energy-efficient air compressor is thus able to pay back a higher upfront cost of investment over the life of the equipment.
KRSV Series

As a leading vacuum pump manufacturer, we offer a complete range of vacuum pumps for manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical, and other operations. All products feature best-in-class warranty support. Reach out today to learn more about industrial vacuum pumps and see how the Kaishan team can help you better meet your goals. Contact us today.