Whether you work in the pharmaceutical industry or build ships, you can benefit from a two-stage rotary air compressor. Come to Kaishan Compressor USA to discover what our compressors can do for you.

Our KRSP2 series compressors are designed with efficiency, reliability, and optimization in mind. We provide lifetime warranties for the air end of our compressors and five-year warranties on all other major components.

The KRSP2 air compressor features efficient operation at nearly any level of horsepower, including those not normally available for a two-stage screw compressor. With compressor horsepower options as low as 30 HP — the only manufacturer with operation below 100 HP — our inline, two-stage design offers leading efficiency at a competitive price point. We are pleased to participate in the CAGI Performance Verification Program to verify our status as a leader in efficiency.

Why Two-Stage Rotary Air Compressors?

A two-stage rotary compressor helps your business run smoothly and without complications. We provide you and your business with high-quality two-stage air compressors that operate with the highest efficiency so that you can do the work that you need to.

Two-stage Kaishan compressors provide a higher level of efficiency than single-stage compressors, which makes them more useful for a variety of tasks.

We provide the compressors that you need to accomplish the wide range of tasks that you and your business have on your plate. Our compressors compliment a variety of industries, from ship building to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our compressors are very durable and reliable because of a range of features, including:

  • High-performance electrical wiring, including on all cables and converters
  • 316 stainless steel control tubing, delivering longer life and better corrosion resistance than copper or nylon
  • Three-stage tangential oil separation, which keeps dust and other contaminants from wearing out precision components
  • Triple-discharge bearings with increased load carrying capacity
  • Single-pass oil coolers and aftercoolers that minimize thermal stress
  • A premium IE3 motor housed in IP-54 casing for protection against dust and moisture
  • Heavy-duty isolator mounts that reduce the impact of vibration while the unit is running
  • A centrifugal cooling fan that delivers operating temperatures at all times, preventing moisture from accumulating in the system

We design our compressors to have world-class reliability so that you can accomplish your work without fear of your compressor breaking or otherwise impeding your work.


For the past 60 years, we have worked to specialize in compressed air equipment. Our decades of experience work to provide you with the highest-quality products and increased insight into what you and your business need.

We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of compressed air equipment — including dual-stage air compressors — operating in modern, specialized manufacturing facilities. We combine highly skilled engineering with low-cost manufacturing to offer the highest value to you, our customer. As a leader in rotary screw air compressor solutions, we serve the needs of a wide range of industries. No matter what sector you operate in, you can turn to Kaishan for the right compressor for your needs.

We design our two-stage compressors with easy access for repairs as well as a specialized sound-deadening enclosure, which minimizes operating noise. Our goal is to increase your efficiency and keep you and your employees safe.

Contact Kaishan Compressor USA to discuss your needs today. Call us at +1 251.225.8484 or complete our online form to speak to a qualified technician.

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