Industrial Air Compressors For Breweries

The number of craft breweries in the U.S. has increased six-fold in 15 years, spurring the brewing industry at large to significant growth. [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Rotary Screw Compressor Maintenance

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Compressed Air Assessment vs. Audit

A lot of confusion surrounds the topic of compressed air audits and assessments. Some accounts even use the terms interchangeably. [...]

Air Compressor Cooling

Compressing air generates heat. So much, in fact, that removing excess heat is critical to the success of your operation. [...]

How Does A Rotary Screw Air Compressor Work?

Most commercial and industrial companies rely on compressed air, considering it a fourth utility that powers air tools, pneumatics and material handling equipment. [...]

Industrial Air Compressor Applications

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Compressor Room Design

One of the most important factors in operating a compressed air system is the proper layout and design of the air compressor room. [...]

Reasons Why Air Compressors Fail

As a compressor manufacturer, Kaishan works diligently to ensure that our rotary screw air compressors are reliable and provide good service for years, if not decades. [...]

Using An Air Compressor In Cold Weather

Like most other mechanical devices, from computers to cars, air compressors experience adverse impacts when freezing temperatures arrive. [...]