The Situation

Berry Global is a multi-billion-dollar plastic packaging manufacturer with over 100 sites in North America. Compressed air is a critical part of blow molding, injection molding, and other processes that require a reliable air source to maintain quality and productivity. Specific uses for compressed air include: operating cylinders and valves, creating vacuums to convey parts, blowing bottles with high-pressure air and more

The Challenge

With many different processes and plants, Berry Global values air compressor reliability and versatility. Some plants have over a dozen air compressors running all out all the time; other plants use fewer compressors running at 50% of their capacity. What’s more, engineers must demonstrate a two-year payback before a new compressor project moves forward.

The Solution

With a broad portfolio from which to choose, Berry Global can find an equipment configuration to meet specific challenges. Plus, with an optional remote monitoring package, critical operating and efficiency parameters can be accessed and data logged to simplify operations and maintenance.

The Results
  • Consolidating assets to improve reliability and efficiency: Fourteen single units operating at 50-to-100 HP were replaced by one 300 HP Kaishan water-cooled rotary air compressor, which dramatically improved system efficiency.
  • Lower operating costs for faster paybacks: Competitive or best-inclass efficiencies along with the availability of high-efficiency variablespeed-drive motor technology can reduce kW consumption up to 17% and more. This efficiency reduces energy costs to produce payback under two years--and complements Berry Global’s “Impact 2025” sustainability initiative.
  • Improved operational reliability and maintenance: Color touchscreen control panel shows power, pressures, temperatures, service intervals, and other helpful operating information. Larger space inside the compressor for maintenance simplifies changing filters and performing routine maintenance.
  • Water-cooled options for dusty environments: Water-cooled heat exchangers in Kaishan air compressors operate reliably in dirty environments where filtered air-cooled heat exchangers may not.
  • Factory-based training: Factory-trained technicians provide proper operations and maintenance (O&M) instruction.
  • Warranty: Lifetime airend warranty covers the heart of a screw air compressor that is the most expensive to replace.

"Other OEMs may offer efficient machines that are not very reliable—or reliable machines that aren't very efficient. Our experience is that Kaishan equipment kind of falls at a good balance point for reliability and efficiency in our applications."

— Daniel Pemberton, Corporate Project Engineer, Berry Global

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